As a very busy working mum I thought I did not have time to get fit. I was always grabbing food on the go and regularly ate ready meals and takeaways.

I found as I got older my weight started to increase and before I knew it I had gained over  2 stone. I thought I was too busy to prepare healthy meals and I had no energy to exercise, I always felt tired.

I felt like I was not in control of my body and it was really affecting how I felt about myself. I had to make a change. I tried a variety of different diets from drinking shakes and juice,  to counting points, diet chef and more, but nothing worked. I would always lose weight at the start and then put it back on.

I joined my local gym and started exercising but found that although I was exercising regularly my weight stayed the same.  

Then I discovered Christianne Wolff and The Body Rescue Plan. By chance I heard her speak on TV about the plan and found her to be very inspirational. It was like she knew exactly how I was feeling and she was offering something different, something I had never tried before.

I bought the Body Rescue Plan book and did the 2 week detox and lost 1 stone.

I felt great and totally motivated to continue, I had loads more energy  and I was sleeping better too. I stuck to the 12 week plan and had lost 2 stone by the end of it. That was in October 2013. I have kept the weight off and now eat a much healthier diet. My family are eating better too as the recipes are great for everyone.I am not someone who is a good cook but the recipes are so quick and easy that I know you will manage it.

When I got the opportunity to train as a body rescue mentor with Christianne Wolff I jumped at the chance. I am now very excited to be launching Scotland’s first  Body Rescue Slimming Club in Newton Mearns in Glasgow.


Come and join my class on a Wednesday night at 6.30pm or 7.30 pm at Mearns Castle Golf Academy.  If you sign up to the plan you get the online body rescue membership which include 6 fitness videos, 1 yoga video, recipe videos, a shopping plan and a mindset video and you attend a class each week for 10 weeks.


During the weekly class I will teach you how to follow the plan and use mindset and meditation to change the way you think about yourself and food and you will see yourself transform.


I am also running a Transformation Day from 1-5pm on Saturday. During this day we will establish what you want to achieve by identifying your trigger points and limiting beliefs and recognising your goals. We will also practice yoga and meditation and make some delicious healthy food together.

You only have one body, learn how to nourish and look after it. This is a great opportunity to change your life for the better.