As the weather gets warmer, the layers come off, and we expose our bodies in more revealing clothes. The dreaded bingo wings can be a fright for many women, so here are some amazing exercises you can do to tone up your arms in preparation for those beautiful summer tops.
These exercises you can do whilst shopping and in your home, so every day you are toning up for the spring and summer to come.

1- Whilst out shopping make sure your handbag is about 2kg-4kg in weight ( I am sure it probably is!) you can simply place it on some scales to check. Instead of slumping your handbag over one shoulder do some bicep curls- just hold the handles and lift the bag up to your shoulder bending at the elbow, and then straghten pointing the bag towards the floor. Do 12 reps and 3 sets- Remember to do right and left. ( perfect for sculpting the biceps)

2- Hold your bag again, tight around the handles, and push your elbow back behind you, so that your arm straightens and your hand facing behind your back. Do 12 reps and 3 sets. Remember to do right and left. ( this is amazing for the bingo wings!)

3- Whilst is a super market reach for the heavier items on the top isle, do this down a whole isle, place them in your basket, and then put them back again- do this 20 times. ( amazing for those summer shoulders)

4- Get 2 tins or 2 bottles of water in your hands and punch them out in front of you 50 times- great for the pecs to give you a better cleavage!

If you do these very simple exercises every other day in just a few weeks you will notice your arms being more toned and in 2 months they will look beautiful in that shoulderless top!

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Source: Christianne Wolff.
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